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Our Approach to Dentures

We approach Dental Dentures with a focus on enhancing your smile while considering your overall well-being. Our holistic approach ensures that all treatments prioritize both aesthetics and the health of your teeth and gums.

Dentures are customized; removable appliances made to fill in the gaps created due to removed or lost natural tooth/ teeth and restore the oral function, structure, and appearance. It includes the teeth portion as well as the gum portion.

The tooth/teeth may be lost due to a number of reasons; the most common is due to dental diseases like tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Developmental defects, trauma, genetic disorders are some other causes.

Types of dentures

Complete or full dentures replace all the teeth on either the upper or the lower jaw. Complete dentures can be either immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are made beforehand and placed soon after the teeth loss. But later on, these have to be adjusted as due to healing the gums, and the bones shrink. On the other hand, conventional dentures are made after the healing process starts, while partial dentures are used when few teeth are missing.

How are dentures placed?

After determining the type of denture, the dentist takes a series of the impression of the jaw. The relation of the jaw with each other and the space between the jaw is determined. These impressions are used as models in the lab to make the dentures. The dentures are built on these models and transferred to the patient’s mouth step by step. These dentures are tried many times to assess the fit, shape, and color until the final denture is made.

Benefits of using dentures

The loss of teeth affects the appearance of a person significantly. Dentures can restore the natural appearance and beauty of the face by replacing the lost teeth.
The pronunciation of words containing sibilants is affected, and as a result of the placement of dentures, the patient’s speech improves.
Confidence and interaction ability boosts as a result of improved looks and articulation.
Regain the ability to chew by placing the dentures, and hence, the nutrition of the patient is improved.

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