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Dental Sealants

Our Approach to Dental Sealants

We approach Dental Sealants with a focus on enhancing your smile while considering your overall well-being. Our holistic approach ensures that all treatments prioritize both aesthetics and the health of your teeth and gums.

Dental Sealants refer to the plastic coating that is done on the teeth to protect them from decay. It is performed on the molars and the premolars that are located at the back of the mouth. At Smile 32 Dental, the dentist suggests dental sealants for patients who may have symptoms that signify chances for tooth decay. 

What are the Advantages of Dental Sealants?

  • Dental Sealants act as a layer of protection for the teeth.
  • It is appropriate for children who have a higher consumption of sugar. 
  • The treatment offers long-lasting results to the patients.
  • Dental Sealants are invisible on the teeth and do not hamper the patients’ appearance. 

Who are Candidates for Dental Sealants?

Dental Sealants are for adults and children who stand the risk of cavities. It helps the patient to maintain optimal oral health and protects the teeth from decay.

What is the Procedure of Dental Sealants?

The dentists conduct a complete examination of the mouth to analyze the teeth that are vulnerable to cavities. If the patient has existing cavities, the dentists perform root canal therapy to remove the decayed pulp.

The dentists cleanse the tooth for dental sealants and dry it using a gauze pad. The surface of the tooth is roughened prior to the procedure, which allows better the sealant to bond firmly with the tooth.

A layer of a dental sealant is applied to the teeth and dried through light activation. The dentist makes sure that it has covered the grooves and pits of the tooth. The patient is advised to follow good dental care to maintain the tooth for a more extended period of time.

How much do Dental Sealants Cost?

Dental Sealants are a cost-effective treatment that avoids the risk of decay and cavities. There are various factors that influence the cost of dental sealants treatment. The experience of the dentist reflects on the price. The location of the dentistry also affects the cost as metropolitan cities have higher charges than dentistries located in the towns. The patient can acquire knowledge regarding the insurance policies that are accepted by the dentistry to know if the treatment gets covered in the policy.

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