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Dental Bridges

Our Approach to Dental Bridges

We approach Dental Bridges with a focus on enhancing your smile while considering your overall well-being. Our holistic approach ensures that all treatments prioritize both aesthetics and the health of your teeth and gums.

When there is a tooth loss, it creates a space between the adjacent teeth, which can make them tilt in the gap and also the teeth in the opposite jaw to shift. These changes affect the normal functioning of the teeth and joints, causing damage and pain and also make the teeth prone to decay. A dental bridge is a solution to this problem. It is made up of false teeth and bridges the space created by the missing teeth and is held in position by the abutment of the adjacent teeth.
Dental bridges are made up of porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of these materials; still, porcelain is used as it makes the false tooth blend in with the surrounding natural teeth.

How is a dental bridge fixed?

In the first step, the adjacent teeth to which the bridge is to be attached are prepared. It involves changing the contour of these teeth by removing a part of the enamel so that the crown can properly t. Next, impressions of these teeth and space between them are taken, which are used to fabricate the bridge.

While a permanent bridge is being made, your dentist will place a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums. In the next visit, the temporary bridge is removed, and the permanent bridge is fitted. After a few weeks, when the bridge has been adjusted, it is cemented into the place.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

  • It makes you confident by restoring your smile.
  • Improves the ability to chew, which previously caused pain due to tilted/ shifted teeth.
  • Loss of multiple teeth affects the pronunciation of certain words. When the bridge is placed, the speech is improved.
  • Tooth loss affects the shape of the face and mouth as well due to the collapse of the jaw bone. The lips look thin, and the face looks older. Placing a dental bridge can prevent these changes.

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